B G Management Consultants offers a variety of services from office reorganization to new business setup.

With office reorganization this can mean anything from changing employees job to that of another or to give you reasons to keep and/or let go of an employee, that final decision is yours to make.  

Operational optimization is another service we offer.  After your business is thoroughly explained to us, we will see how your company is currently running.  We will then provide you with a plan to make efficient time and money saving changes that we have become aware of.

Our newest line of service is a new business setup.  For example, a lot of doctors in a large practice or a lawyer in a large firm may want to go into private practice, or a new entrepreneur wants to make the leap to an office, we can be there to help.  We can do everything from setting up appointments, use your mailing list to advise future perspective visitors of whats new.  We can help set you up with everything from setup, supplies, interview perspectives, help with location hunting and much more.  All of this can be achieved while you’re still at your currant job, so that you don’t have an extended amount of time without an income.

We believe you will be making the right choice with B G Management Consultants.  Our phone consultation is free, after which we will have another phone consult to go over our plan of action.  At that time if you are interested in our services we will  setup an appointment to come out to meet with you, go over the plans in depth details to make sure all of your needs will be met and setup a start date.  For this meeting there will be a fee based on the work previous done and work that has to be done prior to start date and will be collected up front.

Plan for us to be with you a few weeks. The time will vary due to the size of the company, your needs, and your needed time parameters taken into consideration.

We service:  Delaware, Southern New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties, PA.

All offices must be handicap accessible.

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